Friday, December 19, 2008

DJ /rupture's "Uproot" makes Pitchfork's Top 10 of 2008

When DJ/rupture, aka Jace Clayton, released his brilliant pan-global mix Uproot, he also made available the companion album Uproot: The Ingredients, an unedited collection of the mix's source material. This was a generous move, and a bold one, for it risks allowing the listener backstage to watch the master alchemist at work. Fortunately, Uproot: The Ingredients does more than simply confirm that Clayton owns a well-used passport and an impeccable set of ears; it also provides fresh insight into his distinctive and powerful musical vision.

Clayton recognizes global bass culture to be a complex system of interlocking burrows, and on Uproot he revels in exploring as many hidden passageways as possible. Starting primarily with dubstep and ragga sources, Uproot branches outward to reconcile such far-flung pieces as Filastine's jittery "Hungry Ghost (Instrumental)" and Ekkehard Ehlers' elegiac "Plays John Cassavetes". And, particularly after hearing The Ingredients, it is a marvel to witness how intuitively Clayton allows the mix's various rhythms and displaced vocals to linger and echo back on one another, as if his only role is to expose all those secret links and shared roots that have been buried in plain sight all along. --Matthew Murphy

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