Monday, November 9, 2009

DJ /rupture’s Favorite Cities and Songs via Flavorpill

On his Twitter profile, DJ /rupture, aka Jace Clayton, lists “dj * writer * jetlag king” as his occupations. And though he’s best known as the turntable mastermind behind albums like Uproot and Special Gunpowder and his latest release with Brooklyn producer Matt Shadetek, he wouldn’t be much of a DJ without the latter gigs. All three are intertwined: he’s written regularly for magazines like The Wire and N+1; and his recent piece for the latter, which landed in the 2009 Best Music Writing compilation, begins “I’ve DJed in over 20 countries…”

Access to music from the third world may be easy via the Internet, but Clayton’s discovery is often firsthand. In addition to DJing in over 30 countries now, he has spent much of the last decade living in Barcelona. It was his desire to be “caffeinated” that brought him back to New York City, and that brought him to make his new album with Shadetek, Solar Life Raft, with local musicians like Gang Gang Dance, Telepathe, and Nico Muhly.

One place I haven’t been is Sub-Saharan Africa,” he told us when we asked where he’s heading next. “I’d love to go to Côte d’Ivoire, I’d love to check out Johannesburg. I’ve been invited to play in Africa and all over the place, but I can’t just up and go and hang out in Dakar for a couple weeks on my own dime. I’m too busy. But that’s where my curiosity is highest. I’m been to Brazil before to do a couple shows in Rio de Janeiro, which is less surprising than going to Africa would be, but it’s still a really incredible city, so I’m psyched to be going there again.”

Some of his best travel memories and the tracks they remind him of found here.

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