Sunday, January 17, 2010

First 2010 Release: Deadbeat "Radio Rothko"

AG-052 Deadbeat "Radio Rothko" March 1, 2010

Deadbeat will release a new mix CD called Radio Rothko on Brooklyn's The Agriculture imprint later this year.

Comprising artists such as DeepChord, Monolake, Quantec and Pendle Coven, Radio Rothko presents a healthy mix of dub techno's classics and contemporaries, with a notable emphasis on the work of Basic Channel's Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald. The mix takes advantage of the music's spacious and atmospheric nature, bubbling up into a more dance floor-friendly centre before showcasing the dubbier end of the dub techno spectrum.

Radio Rothko will be Scott Monteith's first venture into the world of the commercial mix CD, and also marks his debut release for The Agriculture, the Brooklyn-based label that gave us dubby genre-benders like DJ Rupture's Uproot mix. He's also seen fit to include three of his own compositions, including new track "Port Of Rix" as well as a special edit of "As We Conquer" from his 2001 debut album Primordia.

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I just found this album while searching for work by Basic Channel - what a great mix, thankyou