Sunday, November 30, 2008

DJ /Rupture "Uproot" a new approach to DJ Mixes

DJ /Rupture and Jah Dan, Greenpoint, Brooklyn August 2008
photo by Stefano Giovannini

The source material from the original DJ Mix is put out as full length unmixed tracks for a look into the process.

by Cole Stryker for Popmatters:

"Uproot is a different animal entirely, a slithering, reptilian creature content to exist beneath the brush. It’s not trying to be clever. It just wants to move the crowd. Returning to Brooklyn after seven years in Barcelona, Rupture has released his most approachable mix yet, blending UK dubstep, German minimalism, and a dozen other sounds from Australia, Sweden, Brazil, and of course Brooklyn. Unlike his previous manic, pummelling mixes, which tend to bombard listeners with so many ideas, Uproot is an assured, laid-back affair. No batteries of breakcore here. This is a record that is just as comfortable on the dance floor as it is in the study.

Rupture was kind enough to include a second disc with Uproot called Ingredients. It’s a humble move that allows the listener to hear the cuts he used to create Uproot in their original, unmixed form.

Dear DJs: Do this from now on.

Not only do we get to enjoy the unadulterated tracks, we gain a deeper appreciation for Rupture’s creativity and finesse. For instance, the innocuous opening synth riff on Clouds’ “Too Much” becomes a menacing salvo when matched with the rumbling guitar distortion of Maga Bo’s “Homeboys”. I checked out Ingredients after a few listens to Uproot, and perhaps this colors my opinion, but Rupture mixes songs in such a way that hearing them in any other context just feels wrong."

Here's the entire review

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