Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Mix from DJ Olive for Plum Industries

DJ Olive is known for many sounds, from beats to sleep to avant-turntablism. In the early 90’s he was an active member of the infamous Williamsburg scene, producing ambient events throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. He was a founding member of We™, one of the most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the ninties. As a joke, he gave birth to the term “illbient” and has been credited with founding the illbient movement. As an improvisor he has performed with thousands of world class musicians such as Luc Ferrari, Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, Uri Caine, John Zorn, Christian Fennez, plus many more. He also co-heads the Agriculture record label.

DJ Olive has prepared a special podcast for ELEVENELEVEN, the TITICACA BBQ MIX, a fun radio piece with friends. Enjoy!

Here's a link to this exceptional audio journey.

“intro” _illstyle live
“lambuna” omar yusuf turaybi _tihama north yemen
“titicaca dawn” _multipolyomni
“animus 1″ _jacob druckman
“siiriri” _kenya
“bukusu” _kenya
“apple au genie” _cambodia
“lets make the most of a beautiful thing” _nancy wilson
“song & dance” _nigeria
“sleep” excerpt _dj olive
“olson” _boards of canada
3 min mini cdr _toshio kajiwara & tim barnes
“conversation” _south america
“if they see” _We™
“nya-be” & “yo bon maa” tumi _upper volta africa
“ziyara al ahamsi” _tihama north yemen
“the click” arieni _south africa
“alegria” _bolivia
“kontakte” _karlheinz stockhausen
“big bambu” _cheach y chong
intro _marlene sai
“lullaby” _upper volta africa
“visions of a new world (phase 1)” _lonnie liston smith & the cosmic echoes
“billy gean” _mathieu boogaerts
“burial dub” _bunny wailer
spanish 7″ battle sound fx record
“poem electronique” _edgar varese
“children and god” _tony schwartz
“coconut song” lamu _kenya
“open the light” _boards of canada
“kwahahalu” _indians of brazil
“ihaha” _indians of brazil
“nefisa(electronique)” _earthling
“evelution of the beast” _autechre mix
“taos hoop dance” _sw native american
“volodya” _angola
“tam pysiambo” _coastal amerindians of guyana
“tea house in tuhayta” _tihama north yemen
“urua” _south america
“legende de chinvong” _cambodia
“english as a second language” talking package
“bone” _once11
“sloop a” jon tye
“i dont sweat” _dave alvin
“aku aku” -south america
“nyatiti” _kenya
“umo one” _khan
“funeral dance” _kenya
“disco love” _ian pooley
“roza” vermeila _brazil
“tonaha” _coastal amerindians of guyana
“ufolo” _angola
“come wi goh dung deh” _linton kwesi johnson
“bamileke bafang” _musiques du cameroun
“giulietta degli spiriti” nino rota
“standing here at the present time” _tony schwartz
“fugi isa” _coastal amerindians of guyana
two intros _marlene sai
bennink / brotzmann fmp
“hemcin trios danses” _turquie
“goodbye my friend” _coastal amerindians of guyana

plus a few extra mystery snibits here and there…

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