Sunday, November 30, 2008

James Healy creates sound mix for National Gallery, Washington DC.

Leo Villareal
Artist's rendering of the Connecting Link
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

To listen to the sound pieces for the documentary video, check out the video clips here. The mix was for Leo Villareal's light installation at the National Gallery. James (Escape Arts, Natural Sphere) runs the Agriculture with DJ Olive.

The beginning of the installation of Leo Villareal's LED (light-emitting diode) project designed for the Gallery's Concourse. Villareal's work features movement and light, qualities that make this installation particularly well-suited for the moving walkway between the East and West Buildings, a subterranean area through which thousands of people pass daily. The installation features approximately 40,000 LED nodes that run through channels along the entire length of the connecting link. The artist will program sequences using custom-designed software to create abstract configurations of light through electronic circuitry. Villareal's programming both instructs the light and allows for an element of chance. While it is possible that a pattern will repeat during a viewer's experience, it is highly unlikely. Still, the eye will seek patterns in the motion, a perceptual effect of the hypnotic trailing lights.

More on Leo Villareal's exceptional work here.

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