Saturday, November 29, 2008

New York Times on Haimovitz/ DJ Olive collaboration

Plug in Cello, Add D.J. and Club, Then Stir

"After the Beethoven, DJ Olive, a turntable improviser, initiated a chiming drone that segued into Nicole LizĂ©e’s “Cryptograms.” Layering fuzz and crackle, throbbing pulsations and snatches of recorded speech, DJ Olive fashioned a teeming sonic environment. Mr. Haimovitz’s composed lines clambered through the din, offering a running commentary.

Here, performing in an idiom intended for loudspeakers, Mr. Haimovitz and DJ Olive sounded like equal partners. Still better was Tod Machover’s “VinylCello.” Mr. Machover, long a leading innovator in musical technology, is also a cellist. Surely that explained why he was able to showcase Mr. Haimovitz’s ardent lyricism and DJ Olive’s sharp reflexes with equal assurance."

For review here.

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