Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artforum Review of National Gallery Gig

"GORGEOUS THOUGH THEY WERE, the cherry blossoms that literally burst into bloom last Thursday were not what brought a swarm of New York art moths to the newly kindled flame of Washington, DC. I speak not of the Obamas’ fire but of the candlepower of Multiverse, an LED light sculpture by Leo Villareal newly installed in the National Gallery of Art.

“This is the best party we’ve ever had here,” Fleischman said, heading for the moving walkways running back and forth within the twinkly Multiverse tunnel that took us to the dessert tables on the other side. What they usually get is far more boring, he noted, all Supreme Court judges and lobbyists at a formal, sit-down, black-tie dinner. And the DJ isn’t usually composer James Healy, a sometime Villareal collaborator who created a live mix of “early techno,” as Force put it.

left to right: Agriculture label boss James Healy, Leo Villareal and Yvonne Force, The Artist's Work

Here's the complete review.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Double Dutch Finals for the Triboro

Double Dutch, which involves jumping through a daunting skein of twin ropes twirling simultaneously, was said to have been brought to New York centuries ago by Dutch settlers to the burgeoning town of New Amsterdam. On more modern city streets and sidewalks, double Dutch evolved into a game shared by generations of New Yorkers, primarily girls.

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