Friday, January 18, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New DJ Olive "Thwis" !

"THWIS" dj Olive Featuring Honeychild Coleman 

Street Date: Feb 28th 2013
Press/ DJ's:  Download the album here


 THWIS is a warm bass journey through the untravelled back streets of brooklyn's underground future dub landscape. Though you can hear the rootsy lovers feel THWIS is not a derivative dub record but a truly original reflection from one of brooklyn's loved underground producers. THWIS follows in the footsteps of Olive's classic Bodega release and his work with New York's legendary electronic trio We™. There is little distortion on the bass and the kick is soft and warm making for a velvety sunrise vibe through out. The snare is surprisingly absent but then suddenly shows up like an old friend. Smokers Delight mixed with Boards of Canada mixed with Rhythm and Sound, THWIS puts its arm around your shoulder and walks you through the party with a calm inviting smile, making you body wander around the unicorn bass while the vintage analog synth tickles your head.


"This record was a long time coming. After countless hours playing these tracks live and sculpting them in the studio i have finally organized it into one coherent record that i feel expresses the essence and vibe i was after. i would like to thank: thanks brooklyn thanks vija n roux for putting up with me through the billion different versions carolyn honeychild coleman for being so patient with this project james for all the good vibes and laughs bernardo for letting me use your old vintage sm10 daveq n dubwar & the love sound system fran├žois k, erica n; the deep space sound system bryan, seza, the bunker massiv 3:33am noodletown salt baked squid dennis for all the showersn pasta get away from 1205 kootenay coop radio. jay, terry, zoe, john, deb, and all the cjly members who not only put up with me while i worked on thwis nights in studio c, but also made me feel at home jim for being jim and jokes for being medicine garth for sharing your "no wasted moves" clay by way of roux for coming up with naming the record thwis mum Ignacio, stefanini for the art and design of thwis" dj olive 2012