Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Lloop and qpe Albums, Free MP3s, Reviews

Our friends at Textura review the new Lloop and qpe albums:

"We've been diggin' The Agriculture's choice beats for many years and so are naturally delighted that two of the Brooklyn-based label's artists, Lloop (Rich Panciera) and qpe (Kacy Wiggins) were willing to contribute Top 10s to this month's issue. Many will be familiar with the work Philadelphia native Panciera produced in the early-'90s as a key figure in New York's so-called "illbient" scene and as one-third of WE™—the other members Once 11 (Ignacio Platas) and DJ Olive (Gregor Asch)—and Liminal, a collaboration with DJ Olive and guitarist Danny Blume. Though Pancier's built up an extensive discography filled with compilation, group, and guest appearances, his solo output has been modest, with the new dubstep-influenced 60 Hertz the long-gestating follow-up to 2001's Bulbbs. Concurrent with Lloop's new release is Wiggins' own latest qpe chapter, the one true constant, which arrives three years after Gentrified. The new disc finds Wiggins further refining his "Hip Hop Nouveau" style which, in keeping with the quiet personal electronics (qpe) name, offers a soothing antidote to the excessively complex and overly dense music-making one might find elsewhere."

Free downloads of:

Lloop: "Lei-tzu"
(60 hertz, The Agriculture)

qpe: "Holographic Principle"
(the one true constant, The Agriculture)

Here's the complete review.

Lloop and Kacy also put together play lists --- check that here.